Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Winparts is not yet copyrighted

Smart client is defently moving to concure the portals area. IBM is providing some functionality in their WebSpere Portal, Microsoft is falling behind and provide only SPS2003 which is entirely web based. But they released Smart CLient PAG. Today for the first time I heared the Winpart term. The idea was to implement functionality similar to that of SPS 2003 includiong connection framework that allows to WebParts to communicate one to another, but this time using winforms technology and expose as .NET MDI similar to VS.NET. Cool - Winform portal framework!

I've built the prototype 3 years ago using VB6, and when I suggest exactly the same vision for .NET couple of months ago they asked me something about my pills.

Well, I'm happy they changed their minds...

MS Smart Client Architecture and Design Guide


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