Thursday, September 23, 2004

Run and debug ASP.NET apps without IIS

In order to run and debug ASP.NET applications built with VS.NET 2003 you need to have IIS installed on your box. More over, different security configurations must be configured. Some times it raises problem especially when the developer workstation is managed and administered by 3rd party and not by developer. For example, security department may require not installing local IIS installation on workstation as security countermeasure. In such situations developers meets more challenges to debug remotely on remote server. VS.NET 2005 brings in personal web server for that purpose – it serves only local requests, it does not require IIS installed and it provides many more goodies that satisfy as security requirements as the developers. But did you know that code base of the web server is based on Cassini project that freely available? Let me show you how to run and debug ASP.NET apps built with VS.NET 2003 without IIS (avail also in hebrew) using this tinny web server.


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